Pizza Puzzle: Meat Lover’s

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Pizza puzzles!🍕 so fun! 
these cool puzzles bring delicious art & a fun jigsaw puzzle experience to your table. Our pizzas are silly & fun to look at, but more importantly they’re puzzles you can build with your friends & family!

A single slice is just one of eight smaller puzzles in the box, making it perfect for cooperative puzzling. As you complete each smaller puzzle, you can assemble the entire pizza by slice. On each pizza you’ll find countless toppings! The more you look, the more details you’ll find!

  • A challenging 550-piece puzzle. 
  • 20” in diameter when assembled. 
  • Assemble it by slice using symbols found on the back of each piece. 
  • Includes a posted of the image for extra help. 
  • Made with the highest quality material, 2-mm blue-core. 

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